Section 27-35-2

Conversion into stock or mutual life insurance company - Plan of conversion; approval or disapproval thereof.

(a) The proposed plan for the conversion of the society into a stock or mutual life insurer shall be prepared in writing, setting forth in full the terms and conditions thereof. After approval of the plan by the society's board of directors, the society shall file the plan of conversion with the commissioner.

(b) If, upon examination thereof, the commissioner is of the opinion that the plan is complete, is in compliance with the law, is fair and equitable to the certificate holders and interests of the society and that no reasonable objection thereto exists, he shall approve the plan; if he finds otherwise, the commissioner shall disapprove the plan. If not disapproved and written notice thereof given the society within 30 days after the date of filing with the commissioner, the plan shall be deemed to have been approved as of the expiration of such 30 days' period. In any such notice of disapproval, the commissioner shall state the reasons for disapproval.

(c) No society shall effectuate any plan of conversion which has been disapproved by the commissioner.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §728.)