Section 27-36-2

Unearned premium reserve - Title insurance.

(a) In addition to an adequate reserve as to outstanding losses as required under Section 27-36-1, a title insurer shall maintain an unearned premium reserve of not less than an amount computed as follows:

(1) Ten percent of the total amount of the risk premiums written in the calendar year for title insurance contracts shall be assigned originally to the reserve; and

(2) During each of the 20 years next following the year in which the title insurance contract was issued, the reserve applicable to the contract shall be reduced by five percent of the original amount of such reserve.

(b) The insurer may credit upon the reserve provided for by this section the amount of its deposit made under Section 27-3-13.

(c) Title insurance risk premium shall not include charges for abstracting, record searching, certificates as to the record title, escrow and closing services, and other related services which may be offered or furnished, or the costs and expenses of examination of titles.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §743.)