Section 27-36-3.1

Unearned premium reserve - Bail bond surety insurers.

In lieu of the unearned premium reserve required in Section 27-36-3, the Commissioner of Insurance may require any surety insurer or limited insurer to set up and maintain a reserve on all bail bonds or other single-premium bonds without a definite expiration date, furnished in judicial proceedings, equal to the lesser of 35 percent of the bail premiums in force or seven dollars ($7) per one thousand dollars ($1,000) of bail liability. This reserve shall be reported as a liability in financial statements required to be filed with the commissioner. Each insurer shall file a supplementary schedule showing bail premiums in force and bail liability and the associated special reserve for bail and judicial bonds with financial statements required by Section 27-3-26. Bail premiums in force do not include amounts retained by licensed bail bond agents or licensed managing general agents, but may not be less than 6.5 percent of the total consideration received for all bail bonds in force.

(Act 2015-407, §1.)