Section 27-40-11

Procedure for cancellation of insurance contract upon default.

(a) When a premium finance agreement contains a power of attorney enabling the premium finance company to cancel any insurance contract or contracts listed in the agreement, the insurance contract or contracts shall not be cancelled by the premium finance company unless such cancellation is effectuated in accordance with this section.

(b) Not less than 10-day written notice shall be mailed to the insured, at his last known address as shown on the records of the premium finance company, of the intent of the premium finance company to cancel the insurance contract unless the default is cured within such 10-day period.

(c) After the notice in subsection (b) of this section has expired, the premium service company may thereafter request, in the name of the insured, cancellation of such insurance contract by mailing to the insurer a notice of cancellation, and the insurance contract shall be cancelled as if such notice of cancellation had been submitted by the insured himself, but without requiring the return of the insurance contract. The premium service company shall also mail a notice of cancellation to the insured at his last address as set forth in its records, and such mailing shall constitute sufficient proof of delivery.

(d) All statutory, regulatory, and contractual restrictions providing that the insurance contract may not be cancelled unless notice is given to a governmental agency, mortgagee, or other third party shall apply where cancellation is effected under the provisions of this section. The insurer shall give the prescribed notice in behalf of itself or the insured to any governmental agency, mortgagee, or other third party on or before the second business day after the day it receives the notice of cancellation from the premium finance company and shall determine the effective date of cancellation taking into consideration the number of days' notice to complete the cancellation.

(Acts 1975, No. 1042, p. 2088, §11.)