Section 27-40-16

Payment of rebates or inducements prohibited; purchase of premium finance agreement.

No premium finance company and no employee of such a company shall pay, allow, or offer to pay or allow in any manner whatsoever to the insurance agent, insurance broker, or managing general agent, or any employee of any of the aforesaid, or to any other person, either as an inducement to the financing of any insurance contract with the premium finance company, or, after any such contract has been financed, any rebate whatsoever, either from the service charge for financing specified in the premium finance agreement or otherwise, or shall give or offer to give any valuable consideration or inducement of any kind directly, but a premium finance company may purchase or otherwise acquire a premium finance agreement, provided that it conforms to the provisions of this chapter, in all respects, from another premium finance company on such terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed upon.

(Acts 1986, No. 86-400, p. 586, §3.)