Section 27-41-35

Miscellaneous investments.

(a) An insurer may make investments not otherwise expressly permitted by this chapter which may be counted as admitted assets, except as expressly prohibited under Section 27-41-36, provided that:

(1) The aggregate of all such investments shall not exceed 10 percent of the insurer's admitted assets;

(2) The insurer's capital and surplus shall not be less than twice the total capital and surplus required of the insurer to transact insurance under Sections 27-3-7 and 27-3-8 of the Alabama Insurance Code; and

(3) Such investments are sound investments.

(b) No investment shall be an eligible investment under this section if the investment is in an asset not allowed under the provisions of Section 27-37-2 of the Alabama Insurance Code or is otherwise expressly prohibited or is eligible under any other provision of this chapter; except, that an insurer may invest in common stocks up to the limits imposed by this section in excess of the limits imposed by Section 27-41-17.

(c) The insurer shall keep a separate record of all investments made under this section.

(d) If an investment made under this section subsequently qualifies as an eligible investment under any other provision of this chapter, the investment shall thereafter not be eligible under this section.

(Acts 1977, No. 408, p. 530, §31.)