Section 27-48-3

Prohibition against plan termination of services, reduction of capitation payment, or other penalty for health care provider in compliance with chapter; prohibition against financial encouragement of early discharge from postpartum care.

No health benefit plan subject to the provisions of this chapter shall terminate the services, reduce capitation payment, or otherwise penalize an attending physician, certified nurse midwife, or other health care provider who orders medical care consistent with this chapter. No health benefit plan shall provide, directly or indirectly, any financial incentive or disincentive or grant or deny any special favor or advantage of any kind or nature to any person to encourage or cause early discharge of a hospital patient from postpartum care, excluding capitation or global fee arrangements. Provided nothing contained in this chapter is intended to expand the list or designation of covered providers as specified in any health benefit plan or to modify the scope of practice of a certified nurse midwife as provided by law.

(Acts 1996, No. 96-578, p. 915, §3.)