Section 27-57-5

Coverage by participating providers; selection criteria and utilization protocols; maximum benefits, exclusions, etc.

(a) This chapter does not require and shall not be construed to require the coverage of services of providers who are not designated as covered providers, or who are not selected as a participating provider, by a group health benefit plan or insurer having a participating network of service providers. Nothing in this chapter is intended to expand the list or designation of participating providers as specified in any health benefit plan.

(b) Insurers or other issuers of any health benefit plan covered by this chapter shall continue to be able to establish and apply selection criteria and utilization protocols for health care providers including the designation of types of providers for which coverage is provided as well as credentialing criteria used in the selection of providers.

(c) A group health benefit plan, policy, or contract that provides coverage for the services to be offered pursuant to this chapter may contain provisions for maximum benefits and coinsurance limitations, deductibles, exclusions, and utilization review protocols to the extent that these provisions are not inconsistent with the requirements of this chapter.

(Act 2004-502, p. 969, §5.)