Section 27-6-16

Release of deposit - Filing of statement; authorization of release.

(a) Before authorizing the release of any deposit or excess portion thereof to the insurer, as provided in Section 27-6-15, the commissioner shall require the insurer to file with him a statement under its seal and the oath of its chief executive officer, or of its United States manager in the case of an alien insurer, setting forth the facts upon which it bases its entitlement to such release.

(b) If release of the deposit is claimed by the insurer upon the ground that its liabilities in this state, as to which the deposit was originally made and is held, have been assumed by another insurer authorized to transact insurance in this state, the insurer shall file with the commissioner a copy of the contract or agreement of such reinsurance.

(c) Upon being satisfied by such statement and such other information and evidence as he may reasonably require and by such examination, if any, of the affairs of the insurer as he deems advisable to make that the insurer is entitled to the release of its deposits or excess portions thereof as provided in Section 27-6-15, the commissioner shall authorize the Treasurer or the trustee bank or trust company in the case of deposits of title insurers made under Section 27-3-13 to release the deposit or excess portion thereof to the insurer or its authorized representative. The commissioner shall have no liability as to any such release so made by him in good faith.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §112.)