Section 27-6-2

Deposits of insurers - Purposes for which held.

Such deposits shall be held for purposes as follows:

(1) Deposits made in this state under Sections 27-3-11, 27-3-12, and 27-3-14 of this title shall be held for the purposes stated in the respective sections;

(2) A deposit made in this state by a domestic insurer transacting insurance in another state, province or country and as required by the laws of such state, province, or country shall be held for the protection of the insurer's policyholders or policyholders and creditors;

(3) Deposits of reserves made by domestic life insurers under laws heretofore in force shall be held for the purpose or purposes specified in such laws or in the policies or contracts by which such deposit was required or declared; and

(4) Deposits required pursuant to the retaliatory provision, Section 27-3-29, shall be held for such purposes as are required by such laws and as specified by the commissioner's order by which the deposit is required.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §98.)