Section 27-6-6

Securities and assets - Assignment and reassignment, etc.; appraisal or valuation.

(a) All securities not negotiable by delivery and deposited by an insurer shall be duly assigned to the commissioner and his successors in office. All other assets so deposited shall be duly transferred or conveyed to the commissioner. Upon release of any such security or asset to the insurer, the commissioner shall reassign, or transfer or reconvey the same to the insurer.

(b) The commissioner may, in his discretion, prior to acceptance for deposit of any security or asset or at any time thereafter while so deposited, have the same appraised or valued by competent appraisers. The reasonable costs of any such appraisal or valuation shall be borne by the insurer.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §102.)