Section 27-7-30.2

Liability for disclosure of information, etc.

(a) In the absence of actual malice, an insurer, the authorized representative of the insurer, a producer, the commissioner, or an organization of which the commissioner is a member and that compiles the information and makes it available to other insurance commissioners or regulatory or law enforcement agencies shall not be subject to civil liability, and a civil cause of action by a producer or other person named in the report as having acted in concert with the producer of any nature shall not arise against these entities or their respective agents or employees, as a result of any statement or information required by or provided pursuant to Section 27-7-30, or any information relating to any statement that may be requested in writing by the commissioner, from an insurer or producer; or a statement by a terminating insurer or producer to an insurer or producer limited solely and exclusively to whether a termination for cause under Section 27-7-30 was reported to the commissioner, provided that the propriety of any termination for cause under Section 27-7-30 is certified in writing by an officer or authorized representative of the insurer or producer terminating the relationship.

(b) In any action brought against a person that may have immunity under subsection (a) for making any statement required by this section or providing any information relating to any statement that may be requested by the commissioner, the party bringing the action shall plead specifically in any allegation that subsection (a) does not apply because the person making the statement or providing the information did so with actual malice.

(c) Subsection (a) or (b) shall not abrogate or modify any existing statutory or common law privileges or immunities.

(Act 2001-702, p. 1509, §8.)