Section 27-7-30

Appointment of producer - Generally.

(a) Each insurer appointing a producer in this state shall file with the commissioner, in a format approved by the commissioner, a notice of appointment within 15 days from the date the agency contract is executed or the first insurance application is submitted, whichever occurs first. An insurer may also elect to appoint a producer to all or some insurers within the insurer's holding company system or group by the filing of a single appointment request.

(b) Upon receipt of the notice of appointment, the commissioner shall verify within 30 days that the insurance producer is eligible for appointment. If the insurance producer is determined to be ineligible for appointment, the commissioner shall notify the insurer within five days of the commissioner's determination.

(c) An insurer shall pay an appointment fee as set forth in Section 27-4-2 for each insurance producer appointed by the insurer.

(d) An insurer shall remit, in a manner prescribed by the commissioner, a renewal appointment fee as set forth in Section 27-4-2.

(e) Subject to the producer's contract rights, if any, an insurer or authorized representative of the insurer may terminate a producer's appointment at any time. An insurer or authorized representative of the insurer that terminates the appointment, employment, or contract with a producer for any reason shall within 30 days following the effective date of the termination, using a format prescribed by the commissioner, give notice of the termination to the commissioner.

(f) Upon written request of the commissioner, the insurer or authorized representative shall file with the commissioner a statement of the facts relative to the termination and the cause thereof.

(g) The insurer or the authorized representative of the insurer shall promptly notify the commissioner in a format acceptable to the commissioner if, upon further review or investigation, the insurer discovers additional information that would have been reportable to the commissioner in accordance with subsection (f) had the insurer then known of its existence.

(h) Any such information or statement, and information or statements supplemental thereto, shall be privileged and shall not form the basis of, or be admitted as evidence in, any action or proceeding against the insurer, or any director, officer, employee, or representative of the insurer by, or on behalf of, any person affected by the termination.

(i) Each insurer shall give its producers timely written notice of all appointments and renewal of appointments.

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