Section 27-7-4.4


(a) In order to make a determination of insurance producer license eligibility, the commissioner is authorized to require fingerprints of initial resident applicants for an insurance producer license and to submit the fingerprints and the fee required to perform the criminal history record checks to the Alabama Department of Public Safety and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for state and national criminal history record checks.

(b) The commissioner shall require a criminal history record check on each initial resident applicant for insurance producer license in accordance with this section. The commissioner shall require each applicant to submit a full set of fingerprints, including a scanned file from a hard copy fingerprint, in order for the commissioner to obtain and receive national criminal history records from the FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division.

(c) The commissioner may contract for the collection, transmission, and resubmission of fingerprints required under this section. If the commissioner does so, the fee for collecting, transmitting, and retaining fingerprints shall be payable directly to the contractor by the applicant. The commissioner may agree to a reasonable fingerprinting fee to be charged by the contractor and both the contractor's fee and the fee required to perform the criminal history check shall be collected from the applicant by the contractor.

(d) The commissioner is authorized to receive criminal history record information in lieu of the Alabama Department of Public Safety that submitted the fingerprints to the FBI.

(e) The commissioner shall treat and maintain an applicant's fingerprints and any criminal history record information obtained under this section as confidential and shall apply security measures consistent with the Criminal Justice Information Services Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation standards for the electronic storage of fingerprints and necessary identifying information and limit the use of records solely to the purposes authorized in this section. The fingerprints and any criminal history record information shall not be subject to subpoena, other than one issued in a criminal action or investigation, and shall be confidential.

(f) As used in this section, initial resident applicant means an initial home state license and an additional line of authority under an existing home state license where a criminal history record check has not been obtained.

(g) This section shall not apply to limited lines producers as defined in Section 27-7-1.

(h) The commissioner may promulgate reasonable regulations as are necessary or proper to carry out the purposes of this section in accordance with Chapter 2 of this title. The commissioner may by regulation provide for the delayed enforcement of this section for up to 24 months following April 8, 2014, to allow for implementation.

(Act 2012-312, p. 685, §2; Act 2014-296, p. 1072, §1.)