Section 27-7-4

Licenses - Requirement; forms.

(a) No person shall in this state sell, solicit, or negotiate insurance for any class or classes of insurance unless the person is then licensed for that line of authority in accordance with this chapter. Any insurer accepting business directly from a person not licensed for that line of authority and not appointed by the insurer shall be liable to a fine up to three times the premium received from the person.

(b) No producer shall act on behalf of any insurer for which an appointment is not held under this chapter. A producer who is not acting on behalf of an insurer is not required to become appointed. For purposes of this section, a producer who refers business to an appointed producer pursuant to Section 27-7-34 shall not be deemed to be acting on behalf of the insurer with whom the business is placed, regardless of whether commissions on this business are shared.

(c) The commissioner shall prescribe and furnish on request all forms required in connection with application for, issuance, continuation, or termination of licenses and appointments.

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