Section 27-7-7

Licenses - Application - Generally; fees.

Repealed by Act 2001-702, p. 1509, § 6, effective January 1, 2002.

(a) The commissioner shall not issue any license except upon application therefor as in this chapter provided. Each applicant for a license shall file annually with the commissioner his written application therefor signed by him and showing:

(1) His name, age and place of residence;

(2) The kinds of insurance to be transacted under the license and the insurer or insurers he proposes so to represent;

(3) The person, firm or corporation by whom he expects to be employed or associated with as such licensee and his status as an officer or representative thereof;

(4) Whether he proposes to write or solicit insurance of his own risks and interest, or those of his relatives, any firm or corporation in which he is financially interested or connected, directly or indirectly, or of his employer;

(5) A short business history of the applicant and the name and nature of any business enterprise with which he may be associated;

(6) The extent of his formal education and business experience or apprenticeship;

(7) Whether he has ever applied previously for a license or been licensed to transact any kind of insurance business in this state or elsewhere and whether any such license was ever refused, suspended or revoked;

(8) Whether any insurer or managing general agent claims that he is in default as to premiums or other moneys collected and not accounted for and, if so, the details thereof and like information as to any member of his family who is then, or has theretofore been, engaged in the insurance business; and

(9) Any additional information reasonably required by the commissioner.

Additional licenses shall require the applicant's full name, residence, age, place of business and certification whether he has had a license to solicit insurance contracts refused, suspended, or revoked since his last annual license; whether applicant has had any agency contract cancelled and, if so, when, by what insurer and the reason for the cancellation; and whether the applicant has been convicted of a felony since his last annual license.

(b) If the applicant for an agent's or broker's license is a partnership or corporation, the application shall show, in addition, names of every member of the partnership and every officer, director, stockholder and employee of the corporation personally engaged in this state in soliciting or negotiating policies of insurance. Each such member, officer, director, stockholder or employee shall furnish information with respect to himself as part of the application, as though for an individual license, and shall otherwise meet the requirements for an individual license.

(c) Partnerships and corporations shall file their organizational documents with the commissioner, accompanied by an initial filing fee of $50.00. The license shall continue in effect, subject to an annual fee of $50.00, unless cancelled, suspended or revoked. Each partnership and corporation shall file with the commissioner any change in its organization accompanied by a fee in the amount of $10.00.

(d) At the time of filing his original application for license, the applicant shall pay to the commissioner the application fee and the fees for any examinations required under Section 27-7-10 as specified in Section 27-4-2. Such fees shall not be returnable. Appointment fees, as required in Section 27-4-2, shall be paid as to each individual included in the application for a partnership or corporation license.

(e) If the commissioner has contracted with a qualified testing institution as provided for in Section 27-7-11(c), fees approved for such services by the commissioner may, at the commissioner's discretion, be paid directly to such testing institution and such fee shall be in lieu of but not in excess of the fees for the examination required under Section 27-7-10 as specified in Section 27-4-2.

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