Section 27-9-2

License - Requirement; application; issuance; fee; firms and corporations.

Repealed by Act 2011-637, §3, effective January 1, 2012.

(a) No person shall in this state act as, or hold himself out to be, an adjuster unless then licensed therefor under this chapter. Application for license shall be made to the commissioner according to forms as prescribed and furnished by him.

(b) The commissioner shall promptly issue a license to each person who has properly completed application therefor and who is qualified for the license under this chapter.

(c) At time of application for the license, the applicant shall tender to the commissioner the license fee specified in Section 27-4-2. If the license is refused, the commissioner shall refund the license fee to the applicant or person entitled thereto.

(d) Firms and corporations, as well as individuals, may be licensed as an adjuster. Each individual associated in such firm or corporation and who exercises, or proposes to exercise, license powers shall file application with the commissioner, pay the license fee and qualify as though for an individual license. The license issued to a firm or corporation shall list thereon all individuals who are thereby authorized to act as an adjuster or, in lieu thereof, the commissioner may issue a separate license as to each such individual.

(e) The license fee provided for in this section is payable to the state, as provided in Section 27-4-2, and no license or fee shall be paid to the county.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §184.)