Section 27-9-4

License - Authority to act as adjuster without license.

Repealed by Act 2011-637, §3, effective January 1, 2012.

No such adjuster's license, or qualifications therefor, shall be required as to any adjuster who is sent into this state by, and on behalf of, an insurer for the purpose of investigating or making adjustment of a particular loss of unique and unusual character under an insurance policy or for the adjustment of a series of losses resulting from a catastrophe common to all such losses and on behalf of, as authorized by, an insurer as to which he is licensed as agent under this title. An agent may, from time to time, act as an adjuster without a license as an adjuster, but no such agent shall act as an adjuster for an insurer with which he has a contract providing for compensation retrospectively contingent upon losses incurred under insurance sold or serviced by him.

(Acts 1971, No. 407, p. 707, §186.)