Section 27-9A-13

Continuing education.

(a) An individual who holds an independent adjuster license and who is not exempt under subsection (b) shall satisfactorily complete a minimum of 24 hours of continuing education courses as may be approved by the commissioner, of which three hours must be in ethics, reported to the commissioner on a biennial basis in conjunction with the license renewal cycle.

(b) This section shall not apply to:

(1) Licensees not licensed for one full year prior to the end of the applicable continuing education biennium.

(2) Licensees holding nonresident independent adjuster licenses who have met the continuing education requirements of their designated home state and whose home state gives credit to residents of this state on the same basis.

(3) Licensees holding a certification from a person or entity approved by the commissioner that provides adjuster education and training and that requires, as a condition to maintenance of such certification, continuing education coursework substantially equivalent to that of this state.

(c) Only continuing education courses and providers approved by the commissioner shall be used to satisfy the continuing education requirements of this section. Continuing education providers and courses shall be subject to the same requirements and fees set forth in Chapter 8A of this title.

(d) The commissioner shall prescribe the number of hours of continuing education credit for each continuing education course approved. Continuing education courses submitted in accordance with a reciprocal agreement the commissioner enters with other states shall be approved according to the provisions of the reciprocal agreement.

(e) If a continuing education course requires successful completion of a written examination, no continuing education credit shall be given to licensees who do not successfully complete the written examination.

(f) An individual teaching any approved continuing education course shall qualify for the same number of hours of continuing education credit as would be granted to a licensee taking and satisfactorily completing the course.

(Act 2011-637, p. 1544, §1; Act 2017-431, §1.)