Section 28-3A-24

Suspension or revocation of licenses; appointment of hearing commission; notice, hearing and findings; fines.

(a) The board shall have full and final authority as to the suspension or revocation of any license issued under this chapter and to levy a fine against a licensee in lieu of such suspension or revocation. The board shall have the full right and authority to suspend any retail license issued by it for any reason which it may deem sufficient and proper.

Provided, however, the board may appoint a hearing commission of not less than three members to hear and decide all contested applications of licenses under this chapter, and hear and decide all charges against any licensee for violation of this chapter, the law or the regulations of the board and shall have the power and authority to revoke or suspend for cause licenses and permits, or to fine licensees provided in this chapter. Provided, no member of the hearing commission shall participate in the hearing or disposition of any application for license or charge against a licensee if he has an interest therein or he was involved in the investigation.

(b) The board or a hearing commission appointed by the board, upon sufficient cause being shown or proof being made that any licensee holding a license issued by the board, or any partners, members, officers, or directors of the licensee has or have violated any of the laws of this state or regulations of the board relating to the manufacture, sale, possession or transportation of alcoholic beverages, or where the licensed premises has been conducted in a manner prejudicial to the welfare, health, peace, temperance and safety of the people of the community or of the state, may upon due notice and proper hearing being given to the person so licensed, suspend or revoke the license issued by the board. In all such cases where the board or hearing commission shall suspend or revoke a license, it shall set forth its findings of fact, the evidence from which such findings of fact are made, and the reasons upon which its actions are based.

(c) When, in the opinion of the board or hearing commission, a fine is deemed more appropriate than suspending or revoking a license, the board or hearing commission is authorized to fine the licensee for any cause that could result in suspension or revocation. Such fines may not exceed the sum of $1,000.00. The licensee must remit the fine to the administrator within one week of the day that such fine is levied. Failure to pay the fine within this period shall result in an automatic suspension of the license until such fine is paid. All fines collected by the board shall be paid by the administrator into the Treasury of the state and credited to the General Fund.

(d) The maximum length of suspension of a license under these provisions shall be one year, and any licensee whose license is suspended by the board or hearing commission shall be, at the discretion of the board or hearing commission, ineligible to have any license under this chapter until the expiration or removal of the suspension. Any licensee whose license is revoked by the hearing commission or the board shall be, at the discretion of the board or hearing commission, ineligible to have any license under this chapter until the expiration of one year from the date such license is revoked. The board or hearing commission is hereby granted broad discretionary powers in exercising its authority under this section.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-529, p. 806, §24.)