Section 28-3A-9

Wholesaler license for beer or table wine.

Upon applicant's compliance with the provisions of this chapter and the regulations made thereunder, the board shall issue to applicant a wholesale license which shall authorize the licensee to import and receive shipments of beer and table wine from outside the state from licensed manufacturers, to purchase beer and table wine from licensed manufacturers or other licensed wholesalers within the state and to sell at wholesale or distribute beer and table wine to all licensees or others within this state lawfully authorized to sell beer and wine within said state, and to export beer and wine from the state. Sales to all authorized persons shall be in original packages or containers as prepared for the market by the manufacturer or bottler. No person shall sell at wholesale or distribute beer or table wine within this state or to licensees of the board unless such person shall be issued a wholesale license by the board.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-529, p. 806, §9.)