Section 28-7-10

Wine importer license; restrictions on sale and operation; registration of labels; seizure of unregistered goods; monthly reports; inspection.

(a) Upon applicant's compliance with Section 28-7-6, the board shall issue to applicant an importer license which shall authorize the licensee to import table wine manufactured outside the United States of America into this state or for sale or distribution within this state table wine to the board or the state, and table wine to wholesaler licensees of the board. No person shall import table wine manufactured outside the United States into this state or for sale or distribution within this state or to the state, the board or any licensee of the board, unless such person shall be granted an importer license issued by the board.

(b) An importer licensee shall not sell any table wine for consumption on the premises where sold; nor, unless issued a wholesale license, sell or deliver to any retailer; nor deliver any such table wine in other than original containers approved as to capacity by the board, and in accordance with standards of fill prescribed by the U. S. Treasury Department; nor maintain or operate within the state any place or places, other than the place or places covered by his or its importer license, where table wine is sold or where orders are taken.

(c) Each importer licensee shall be required to file with the board, prior to making any sales in Alabama, a list of its labels to be sold in Alabama and shall file with the board its federal certificate of label approvals or its certificates of exemption as required by the U. S. Treasury Department. All table wine whose labels have not been registered as herein provided for shall be considered contraband and may be seized by the board or its agents, or any peace officers of the State of Alabama without a warrant and said goods shall be delivered to the board and disposed of as provided by law.

(d) All such importer licensees shall be required to mail to the board prior to the twentieth day of each month a consolidated report of all shipments of table wine made to each wholesaler during the preceding month and of all shipments of table wine received during the preceding month. Such reports shall be in such form and containing such information as the board may prescribe.

(e) The books and records of such licensee shall, at all times, be open to inspection by members of the board, or by a person duly authorized and designated by the board. Members of the board and its duly authorized agents shall have the right, without hindrance, to enter any place which is subject to inspection hereunder, or any place where such records are kept for the purpose of making such inspections and making transcripts thereof.

(f) Licenses issued under this section shall, unless revoked or suspended in the manner provided in this chapter, be valid for the license year commencing January 1 of each year.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-382, p. 505, §10.)