Section 28-7-14

Regulation of grant of licenses; display thereof; separate retail licenses for each place of sale; restrictions on wholesaler's operations; transfer of licenses; filing fee for transfer; effect of insolvency of licensee.

(a) No license prescribed in this chapter shall be issued or renewed until the provisions of this chapter have been complied with and the filing and license fees other than those levied by a municipality are paid to the board.

(b) Every license issued under this chapter shall be constantly and conspicuously displayed on the licensed premises.

(c) Any wine retailer may be granted licenses to maintain, operate or conduct any number of places for the sale of table wine, but a separate license must be secured for each place where table wine is sold. Provided there shall be no licenses issued by the board for the sale of wine by rolling stores.

(d) A malt or brewed beverage wholesale licensee may also be granted a wine wholesaler's license. No wine wholesaler shall maintain or operate any place where sales are made other than that for which the license is granted. No wine wholesaler shall maintain any place for the storage of table wine unless the same has been approved by the board. No wine wholesaler's license shall be issued for any premises in any part of which there is operated any retail license for the sale of liquor, wine, malt or brewed beverages.

(e) Licenses shall be granted by the board only to reputable individuals, or to associations, partnerships and corporations whose members or officers and directors are reputable individuals.

(f) Licenses issued under this chapter may not be assigned. The board is hereby authorized to transfer any license from one person to another, or from one place to another within the same municipality, or both, as the board may determine; but no transfer shall be made to a person who would not have been eligible to receive the license originally, nor for the transaction of business at a place for which the license could not originally have been issued lawfully.

(g) Every applicant for a transfer of a license shall file a written application with the board within such time as the board shall fix in its regulations. Whenever any license is transferred, there shall be collected a filing fee of $10.00, to be paid to the board for the use of the state.

(h) In the event that any person to whom a license shall have been issued under the terms of this chapter shall become insolvent, make an assignment for the benefit of creditors, become a bankrupt by either voluntary or involuntary action, the license of such person shall immediately terminate and be cancelled without any action on the part of the board, and there shall be no refund made, or credit given, for the unused portion of the license fee for the remainder of the license year for which said license was granted. Thereafter no license shall be issued by the board for the premises, wherein said license was conducted, to any assignee, committee, trustee, receiver or successor of such licensee until a hearing has been held by the board as in the case of a new application for license. In all such cases, the board shall have the sole and final discretion as to the propriety of the issuance of a license for such premises, and to the time it shall issue, and the period for which it shall be issued, and shall have the further power to exact conditions under which said licensed premises shall be conducted.

(Acts 1980, No. 80-382, p. 505, §14.)