Section 29-3-14

Expiration of chapter; extension or restoration of provisions thereof.

The authority of emergency interim successors to succeed to the powers and duties of legislators and the operation of the provisions of this chapter relating to quorum, the number of affirmative votes required for legislative action and limitations on the length of sessions and the subjects which may be acted upon shall expire two years following the inception of an attack, but nothing herein shall prevent the resumption before such time of the filling of legislative vacancies and the calling of elections for the Legislature in accordance with applicable constitutional and statutory provisions. The Governor, acting by proclamation, or the Legislature, acting by concurrent resolution, may from time to time extend or restore such authority or the operation of any of such provisions upon a finding that events render the extension or restoration necessary, but no extension or restoration shall be for a period of more than one year.

(Acts 1961, No. 875, p. 1371, §14.)