Section 3-7A-8

Destruction of impounded dogs, cats, and ferrets; when authorized; redemption by owner; adoption of animals.

All dogs, cats, and ferrets which have been impounded in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, after notice is given to the owner as provided in Section 3-7A-7, may be humanely destroyed and disposed of when not redeemed by the owner within seven days. In case the owner of an impounded animal desires to redeem the animal, he or she may do so on the following condition: He or she shall pay for the immunization of the animal and a penalty equal to the minimum fine established in Section 3-7A-6 if a certificate of current immunization cannot be produced, and for the board of the animal for the period for which it was impounded. The amount paid for the board of the animal shall accrue to the credit of the city or county, depending upon the jurisdiction of the pound in which the animal was confined. At his or her discretion, the impounding officer may provide for adoption of any animal not redeemed or claimed or otherwise disposed of, to any person desiring the animal, if the person complies with all the provisions of this chapter.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-530, p. 816, §8; Act 2009-636, p. 1949, §1.)