Section 31-2A-5

(Article 5.) Territorial applicability of the code.

(a) This code has applicability at all times and in all places, provided that either the person subject to the code is in a duty status or, if not in a duty status, that there is a nexus between the act or omission constituting the offense and the efficient functioning of the state military forces; however, this grant of military jurisdiction shall neither preclude nor limit civilian jurisdiction over an offense, which is limited only by the prohibition of double jeopardy.

(b) Courts-martial and courts of inquiry may be convened and held in units of the state military forces while those units are serving outside the state with the same jurisdiction and powers as to persons subject to this code as if the proceedings were held inside the state, and offenses committed outside the state may be tried and punished either inside or outside the state.

(c) A trial of any offense subject to prosecution under this section may be convened in any county in the state.

(Act 2012-334, p. 790, §1; Act 2017-260, §1.)