Section 32-2-25

Arrest fee; when fees and costs not to be paid by county.

In all cases where arrests are made by a state trooper, an arrest fee of $5.00 for such arrest shall be collected by the proper authorities and promptly turned over to the Director of Public Safety, who shall cover the same into the State Treasury to the credit of the General Fund; provided, that no witness fee, arrest fee, mileage cost, or any other fees or costs shall be paid by any county out of its funds to said department and no fine and forfeiture claim shall be issued against the fine and forfeiture fund of any county to or for any such state trooper for or on account of those cases brought in any court or before any grand jury by any such officer wherein no indictment is found, the state fails to convict, or the indictment or complaint abates or is nolle prossed or is withdrawn and filed in such case.

(Acts 1953, No. 585, p. 828, §10; Acts 1955, No. 44, p. 263, §1; Acts 1961, No. 834, p. 1237.)