Section 32-2-7

Compensation and expenses of officers, employees, etc. - Controlling civil disturbances; rescue or protective duties.

Whenever any officer, agent, or employee of the Department of Public Safety shall be called upon by the Governor, or the appointing authority of said department, to perform a duty or duties, or to be present at or on an alert basis at the scene of, or at any marshalling point for movement to such scene, of any public disorder for the control of civil disturbances, the restoration of the public order, or to perform rescue or protective duties at a natural or man-made disaster which shall extend beyond 24 hours, then any law or laws to the contrary notwithstanding, the compensation of such officers, agents, or employees of said department, the expenses of subsistence while so engaged at the call of the Governor, or of the appointing authority of said department, may be paid out of the general Treasury of the state upon the approval of the Governor, and not from the regular appropriations provided for the organization, maintenance, and upkeep of the Department of Public Safety. Warrants for these purposes shall be issued by the Comptroller on vouchers or payrolls, as may be required by the Governor, certified by the Director of Public Safety, and approved by the Governor.

(Acts 1969, No. 167, p. 452.)