Section 32-2-84

Funds designated in addition to money transferred to department.

The funds designated by this article to be deposited to the Motor Vehicle Replacement Fund are intended to be in addition to the amounts transferred annually to the Department of Public Safety from the Public Road and Bridge Fund pursuant to Act 91-797. Funds transferred to the Department of Public Safety, which will become part of the Alabama State Law Enforcement Agency, pursuant to Act 91-797 may be expended for the operations of the department as well as for the purchase of equipment for traffic law enforcement, as provided by that act. Such equipment shall include motor vehicles and related equipment only.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-389, p. 795, §5; Act 2009-514, p. 1402, §2; Act 2011-635, p. 1528, §1; Act 2014-320, p. 1144, §1.)