Section 32-5-218

Safety glazing material in motor vehicles.

(a) On and after January 1, 1968, no person shall sell any new motor vehicle as specified herein, nor shall any new motor vehicle as specified herein be registered thereafter unless such vehicle is equipped with safety glazing material of a type approved by the director wherever glazing material is used in doors, windows, and windshields. The foregoing provisions shall apply to all passenger-type motor vehicles, including passenger buses and school buses, but in respect to trucks, including truck tractors, the requirements as to safety glazing material shall apply to all glazing material used in doors, windows, and windshields in the drivers' compartments of such vehicles. All replacements made of any glazing material in motor vehicles as described herein shall be made with safety glazing material as herein described.

(b) The term "safety glazing materials" means glazing materials so constructed, treated, or combined with other materials as to reduce substantially, in comparison with ordinary sheet glass or plate glass, the likelihood of injury to persons by objects from exterior sources or by these safety glazing materials when they may be cracked or broken.

(c) The director shall compile and publish a list of types of glazing material by name approved by him or her as meeting the requirements of this section and the Commissioner of Revenue shall not register after January 1, 1968, any motor vehicle which is subject to the provisions of this section unless it is equipped with an approved type of safety glazing material, and the Commissioner of Revenue shall thereafter suspend the registration of any motor vehicle so subject to this section which is not so equipped until it is made to conform to the requirements of this section.

(Acts 1949, No. 516, p. 740, §34; Acts 1967, No. 735, p. 1571.)