Section 32-5-252

Approval of lighting devices; prohibited lamps and devices; regulations; lists of approved devices to be published.

(a) No person shall have for sale, or offer for sale for use upon or as a part of the equipment of a motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer, or use upon any such vehicle any head lamp, auxiliary or fog lamp, rear lamp, signal lamp or reflector, which reflector is required hereunder, or parts of any of the foregoing which tend to change the original design or performance, unless of a type which has been submitted to the director and approved by him or her. The foregoing provisions of this section shall not apply to equipment in actual use when this section is adopted or replacement parts therefor.

(b) No person shall have for sale, sell, or offer for sale for use upon or as a part of the equipment of a motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer any lamp or device mentioned in this section which has been approved by the director unless such lamp or device bears thereon the trademark or name under which it is approved so as to be legible when installed.

(c) No person shall use upon any motor vehicle, trailer, or semitrailer any lamps mentioned in this section unless the lamps are mounted, adjusted, and aimed in accordance with instructions of the director.

(d) The director is hereby authorized to approve or disapprove lighting devices and to issue and enforce regulations establishing standards and specifications for the approval of such lighting devices, their installation, adjustment, and aiming and adjustment when in use on motor vehicles. Such regulations shall correlate with and, so far as practicable, conform to the then current standards and specifications of the Society of Automotive Engineers applicable to such equipment.

(e) The director is hereby required to approve or disapprove any lighting device, of a type on which approval is specifically required in this chapter, within a reasonable time after such device has been submitted.

(f) The director is further authorized to set up the procedure which shall be followed when any device is submitted for approval.

(g) The director, upon approving any such lamp or device, shall issue to the applicant a certificate of approval together with any instructions determined by him or her.

(h) The director shall publish lists of all lamps and devices by name and type which have been approved by him or her.

(Acts 1927, No. 347, p. 348; Code 1940, T. 36, §44; Acts 1955, No. 273, p. 621, §2.)