Section 32-6-111.1

Fees; renewal; design.

(a) Notwithstanding Sections 32-6-64, 32-6-65, 32-6-67, and 32-6-68, upon application to the judge of probate or license commissioner, compliance with motor vehicle registration and licensing laws, payment of regular fees required by law for license tags or plates, unless exempt under provisions of Alabama law, and payment of an additional annual fee of fifty dollars ($50), which shall not be prorated, members of the Alabama National Guard or the Alabama Air National Guard, including retirees, may be issued personalized distinctive National Guard license plates with an inscription as provided in subsection (a) of Section 32-6-150.

(b) The plates shall expire on September 30, of each year, but shall be subject to a grace period for renewal until November 30, of the year.

(c) The plates shall be designed by the Department of Revenue in accordance with Section 32-6-110.

(d) In consultation with the Adjutant General, a National Guard personalized license plate may designate the military rank, command, or unit of a member, which plates may be reassigned from one member to another.

(Act 2000-578, p. 1066, §1.)