Section 32-6-231.1

Military distinctive license plate designation for handicapped individuals.

(a) For the purpose of this section, the term military distinctive license plate includes any of the following: Medal of Honor license plate; Prisoners of War license plate; Purple Heart Medal Recipients license plate; retired military license plate; National Guard license plate; disabled veteran license plate; Pearl Harbor survivors license plate; World War II veterans license plate; Korean War veterans license plate; veterans of the Battle of the Bulge license plate; veterans of Desert Shield/Desert Storm license plate; Vietnam veterans license plate; veterans of the United States Armed Forces exposed to dangerous levels of radiation due to the atomic bomb and weapons testing from 1944 to 1962 license plate; and any subsequently enacted distinctive license plates issued exclusively to veterans.

(b) Any person qualified to receive a military distinctive license plate pursuant to this chapter, who submits to the judge of probate, license commissioner, or other issuing official authority medical proof satisfactory to the Commissioner of Revenue that he or she is a handicapped individual in accordance with Public Law 100-641 and rulemaking resulting therefrom, shall be issued a distinctive military license plate which is inscribed with the International Symbol of Access designating the vehicle owner as being a handicapped individual. The Commissioner of Revenue shall adopt procedures for the issuance of these distinctive military license plates containing the International Symbol of Access. Handicapped individuals displaying these plates shall be allowed to park in parking zones designated for handicapped persons upon the payment of parking fees the same as any other person.

(Act 2000-752, p. 1703, §2.)