Section 32-6-270

"Firefighter" and "retired volunteer firefighter" defined.

(a) As used in this division, unless the context clearly requires a different meaning: "Firefighter" means a current member or members of, or a retired member or members from, a paid, part-paid or volunteer fire department of a city, town, county, or other subdivision of the state or civilian federal firefighters or of a public corporation organized for the purpose of providing water, water systems, fire protection services, or fire protection facilities in the state; and such words shall include the chief, assistant chief, wardens, engineers, captains, firemen, and all other officers and employees of such departments who actually engage in fire fighting or in rendering first aid in case of drownings or asphyxiation at the scene of action.

(b) As used in this division, the term "retired volunteer firefighter" means someone that has retired from performing the required duties of a firefighter on a voluntary basis at a certified volunteer fire department, wherein, those duties were performed for at least 10 years and the person has attained the age of 55 years old. Notwithstanding any other provision of this division, the term "retired volunteer firefighter" includes a volunteer firefighter who is a resident of this state and who has retired from a volunteer fire department in another state and who otherwise meets the requirements of this subsection.

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