Section 32-6-360

Issuance of license tag or plate; fees.

(a) An active member of the Fraternal Order of Police who is the owner of a motor vehicle or a motorcycle and a resident of the state may be issued a license tag or plate bearing the words "Fraternal Order of Police" across the top portion of the tag or plate upon which, in lieu of the numbers prescribed by law, shall be inscribed distinctive words or marks provided by the Department of Revenue. The active member of the Fraternal Order of Police shall make application to the judge of probate or license commissioner, comply with the motor vehicle registration and licensing laws, pay the regular fees required by law for license tags or plates for private passenger or pleasure motor vehicles or motorcycles, and pay an additional fee of thirty dollars ($30).

(b) The tags or plates shall be issued, printed, and processed like other distinctive and personalized tags and plates provided for in this chapter. The tags or plates shall be valid for five years and may be replaced with either a conventional, personalized, or new Fraternal Order of Police tags or plates. Payment of required license fees and taxes for the years during which a new tag or plate is not issued shall be evidenced as provided in Section 32-6-63.

(c) Notwithstanding Section 32-6-68, the annual additional fee for Fraternal Order of Police distinctive motorcycle license plates shall be thirty dollars ($30). The annual additional fee shall be distributed in accordance with Section 32-6-361.

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