Section 32-6-68

Annual fee; distribution of fees.

(a) Each distinctive license plate issued shall require, in addition to the standard registration fee, an additional annual fee of fifty dollars ($50).

(b) The additional license plate fee as provided for in subsection (a) shall be distributed in the following manner:

(1) Two and one-half percent commission, provided by Section 40-12-269(a)(1).

(2) Manufacturing costs of one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) to the Department of Corrections.

(3) Administrative costs of one dollar ($1) to the Department of Revenue.

(4) A state share of five dollars ($5) shall be transmitted to the state Comptroller for deposit in an account maintained by the Department of Senior Services to be used by the department to provide meals to senior citizens under a program to be known as the "John L. Buskey Senior Meals Program." Funds deposited in the account are continuously appropriated to the department for the purpose of this subdivision.

This subdivision shall not apply to license plates issued pursuant to Sections 32-6-450, 32-6-460, 32-6-470, 32-6-500, 32-6-520, 32-6-560, 32-6-611, and 32-6-680.

(5) The remainder of the additional fee shall be distributed to the sponsoring organization or as otherwise provided under the terms of the application approved by the legislative oversight committee; except that the remainder of the additional fee after the distributions provided in subdivisions (1) through (3) shall be distributed to the State General Fund when a distinctive license plate is for an out-of-state college or university as provided in subsection (e) of Section 32-6-67, or when there is no specified distribution for the additional fee.

Nothing in this section shall apply to standard personalized license plates established pursuant to Section 32-6-150.

(Acts 1997, No. 97-633, p. 1148, §2; Act 2013-251, p. 625, §1; Act 2013-398, p. 1516, §1; Act 2016-408, §2.)