Section 32-6-690

Issuance of distinctive plates; fees; design.

(a) Notwithstanding Sections 32-6-64 and 32-6-67, upon application to the judge of probate or license commissioner, compliance with motor vehicle registration and licensing laws, payment of regular fees required by law for license plates for private passenger or pleasure motor vehicles, and payment of an additional annual fee of fifty dollars ($50), owners of motor vehicles who are residents of Alabama shall be issued distinctive Stop Domestic Violence license plates.

(b) These plates shall be valid for five years.

(c) Payment of required license fees and taxes for years during which a new plate is not issued shall be evidenced as provided in Section 32-6-63.

(d) Officials from the Alabama District Attorneys Association shall design the plate. The design shall be approved by the Department of Revenue and the Legislative Oversight Committee for License Plates prior to production. Section 32-6-54 shall not apply to the plate designed pursuant to this section.

(e) The plates shall be issued, printed, and processed like other distinctive and personalized plates provided for in this chapter.

(f) The net proceeds from the additional revenues derived from the sales of the distinctive motor vehicle license plates, less the fees as provided in Section 32-6-68, shall be distributed to the district attorney for the county in which the plate was issued for the use and benefit of domestic violence prevention programs.

(Act 2016-355, §1.)