Section 34-1-17

Acts not prohibited.

(a) Nothing contained in this chapter shall prohibit any person not a certified public accountant or public accountant from serving as an employee of, or an assistant to, a certified public accountant, a public accountant, or a firm composed of certified public accountants or public accountants holding a permit to practice issued under Section 34-1-11; or a foreign accountant registered under Section 34-1-5, or a person practicing pursuant to Section 34-1-7; provided, that the employee or assistant shall not issue any accounting or financial statements or reports over his or her name.

(b) Nothing contained in this chapter shall prohibit a certified public accountant of another state, or an accountant who holds a certificate, license, or degree in a foreign country, constituting a recognized qualification for the practice of public accounting in the country, from practicing in this state in conformity with Section 34-1-7 and the regulations and rules of professional conduct promulgated by the board.

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