Section 34-24-210.1

Evaluation and treatment by physical therapist.

(a) Without prescription or referral, a licensed physical therapist may perform an initial evaluation or consultation of a screening nature to determine the need for physical therapy and may perform the physical therapy and other services provided in subdivisions (1) to (5), inclusive, of subsection (b). Implementation of physical therapy shall otherwise be based on the referral of a person licensed to practice medicine, surgery, dentistry, chiropractic, licensed assistant to a physician acting pursuant to a valid supervising agreement, or a licensed certified registered nurse practitioner in a valid collaborative practice agreement with a licensed physician.

(b) The physical therapy and other services referred to in subsection (a), which may be performed without prescription or referral, include and are limited to the following:

(1) To a child with a diagnosed developmental disability pursuant to the plan of care for the child.

(2) To a patient of a home health care agency pursuant to the plan of care for the patient.

(3) To a patient in a nursing home pursuant to the plan of care for the patient.

(4) Related to conditioning or to providing education or activities in a wellness setting for the purpose of injury prevention, reduction of stress, or promotion of fitness.

(5) To an individual for a previously diagnosed condition or conditions for which physical therapy services are appropriate after informing the health care provider rendering the diagnosis. The diagnosis shall have been made within the immediately preceding 90 days. The physical therapist shall provide the health care provider who rendered the diagnosis with a plan of care for physical therapy services within the first 15 days of physical therapy intervention.

(Act 2012-260, p. 502, §2.)