Section 34-24-273

Issuance; contents; display by holder.

Every applicant who shall pass the standard examination, or whose reciprocity has been accepted by the State Board of Podiatry, shall receive from the board a license entitling him or her to practice podiatry in Alabama, which license shall be signed by the president of the board and countersigned by the secretary-treasurer of the board and have affixed thereto the seal of the board and be duly numbered and registered in the record book kept by the secretary-treasurer of the board, which record book shall be open to public inspection, and a duly certified copy of the record shall be received as evidence in all courts of this state in the trial of any case. Each person to whom a license has been issued shall keep the license conspicuously in his or her office or place of business and shall whenever required exhibit the license to any member or representative of the board.

(Acts 1967, No. 741, p. 1586, §13.)