Section 34-24-333

Issuance of certificate of qualification; application and issuance of license; issuance of license under Retired Senior Volunteer Program.

(a) When an applicant for a license to practice medicine or osteopathy has complied fully with all requirements of the law regulating the practice of medicine or osteopathy, the board shall issue a certificate of qualification to the commission certifying the qualification of such person, and thereafter such applicant may apply to the commission for a license to practice medicine or osteopathy for which such certificate indicates his or her qualification. If the commission finds that the applicant is of good moral character and has been duly certified by the board, the commission shall issue to such applicant a license, unless it appears to the commission that there is other good and reasonable cause for refusing to issue such license, it being the purpose and intent of this section to give the Medical Licensure Commission overall supervision, discretion, and judgment with respect to the issuance of licenses authorizing the licensee to practice medicine or osteopathy within the State of Alabama.

(b) The commission may, at its discretion, issue a license to practice medicine to an applicant who has been issued a certificate of qualification under the Retired Senior Volunteer Program. A license issued under this section shall contain the following information upon the face of the document: "Issued subject to restrictions under the Retired Senior Volunteer Program." Such license shall be issued by the commission without cost to the applicant. Each license shall state on its face that it is valid for a period of one calendar year and the expiration date. A license issued by the commission under this subsection may be revoked, suspended, restricted, placed on probation, or subjected to other sanctions for the same causes and reasons and in the same manner as provided by law for the disciplining of a physician's license to practice medicine.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-218, p. 273, §8; Act 2004-299, p. 422, §2.)