Section 34-24-366

Vote necessary for suspension or revocation; hearing panels.

The commission shall not order the suspension or revocation of a license unless at least five members of the commission are present and a majority of those present vote for such suspension or revocation. However, the commission may appoint hearing panels consisting of no fewer than three commission members. The public member of the commission may be, but shall not be required to be, a member of each such hearing panel. Such hearing panels are authorized to conduct hearings in contested cases in the same manner as the full commission is authorized to conduct hearings. At the conclusion of each hearing conducted by a hearing panel, such hearing panel shall prepare an order which shall be presented to the full commission for ratification and, if ratified by the commission, such order shall be the order of the commission. It shall not be necessary for the members of the commission not on the hearing panel to review the record of the hearing.

(Acts 1981, No. 81-218, p. 273, §25, Act 2002-140, p. 359, §3.)