Section 34-24-381

Penalties for violation of Section 34-24-360, rules, or regulations.

(a) In addition to any other penalty authorized by Section 34-24-361 (h) the Medical Licensure Commission may in its discretion assess administrative fines not to exceed ten thousand dollars ($10,000) for each violation of any of the provisions of Section 34-24-360 or any rule or regulation duly promulgated by the commission. The Medical Licensure Commission may also in its discretion issue public or private reprimands, public or private censures, and may impose involuntary restrictions upon the certificate of qualification and/or license to practice medicine of any physician or osteopath for each violation of any of the provisions of Section 34-24-360.

(b) In addition to the administrative fine authorized in subsection (a), the commission, upon application of the Board of Medical Examiners, may require a physician or osteopath found to be in violation of Section 34-24-360 to pay the costs, fees, and expenses of the board incurred in connection with any proceedings before the commission, including, but not limited to, the actual costs of independent medical review and expert testimony, reasonable and necessary attorney fees and expenses, deposition costs, travel expenses for board staff, charges incurred for obtaining documentary evidence, and such other categories of expenses as may be prescribed in regulations published by the board and the commission. Payment of any costs, fees, or expenses ordered by the commission shall be made and enforced in the same manner as an administrative fine.

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