Section 34-24-383

Payment of administrative fines prerequisite to renewal of annual certificate; refunds.

The Medical Licensure Commission shall not renew the annual certificate of registration as set forth in Section 34-24-337 of any physician against whom an administrative fine has been assessed by the Board of Medical Examiners or the Medical Licensure Commission until such fine is paid in full. However, if an order of the Medical Licensure Commission or the Board of Medical Examiners allows for the payment of a fine or costs in installments and if the licensee is current with the installment payment, then the physician shall be permitted to renew his or her license. In the event that the fine is subsequently reduced or set aside on judicial review as provided in the Alabama Administrative Procedure Act the physician shall be entitled to a prompt refund of the amount of the fine but shall not be entitled to interest thereon.

(Acts 1986, No. 86-451, p. 817, §4; Act 2014-402, p. 1483, §1.)