Section 34-24-54

Board of Medical Examiners - Disposition of funds; expenses of board and commission members.

All funds received by the State Board of Medical Examiners shall be deposited to the credit of the board in a federally insured financial institution selected by the board. Such funds may be expended for any lawful purpose authorized by this chapter upon a check or draft bearing the signature of the chairman of the board or his or her designee. Out of the funds of the board the members thereof and the members of the Medical Licensure Commission as established by Section 34-24-310 shall receive per diem at a rate of up to three hundred dollars ($300) per day or any portion thereof, as established by the board, that such board member or commission member shall be in attendance at an official meeting or function of the board or commission. In addition, each board member and commission member shall receive reimbursement for subsistence and travel in accordance with state law for each day actively engaged in the duties of their office.

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