Section 34-27A-12

Written reports, etc., to be furnished by applicant.

(a) An original certificate for any classification as a licensed real estate appraiser shall not be issued to any person who does not possess the required experience, if any, in real property appraisal supported by adequate written reports, file memoranda, or other evidence satisfactory to the board.

(b) Each applicant for licensure shall furnish, under oath, a detailed listing of the real estate appraisal reports or file memoranda for each year for which experience is claimed by the applicant. Upon request, the applicant shall make available to the board for examination appraisal reports or records which the applicant has prepared. At all times the confidential relationship between the appraiser and the client shall be maintained.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-639, p. 1175, §12; Acts 1994, No. 94-117, p. 128, §1.)