Section 34-27A-15

Renewal license.

(a)(1) To obtain a renewal license for any real estate appraiser classification, the holder of a current, valid license shall make application and pay the prescribed fee to the board between September 1 and September 30, and shall be delinquent after September 30. With the application for renewal, the licensed real estate appraiser shall present evidence in the form prescribed by the board of having completed the continuing education requirements for renewal specified by the board.

(2) If the board determines that an applicant has failed to meet the requirements for renewal of a license through mistake, misunderstanding, or circumstances beyond the control of the applicant, the board may extend the term of the license for a period not to exceed six months, upon payment by the applicant of a prescribed fee set by the board for the extension.

(3) If the applicant satisfies the requirements for renewal during the extended term of license, the beginning date of the new renewal license shall be October 1.

(b) If a person fails to renew a license for any classification of real estate appraiser prior to its expiration or within a period of extension granted by the board pursuant to this article, the person may obtain a renewal license by satisfying all of the requirements for renewal and by the payment of late renewal fees as set by the board.

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