Section 34-27A-55

Fees; surety bond; renewal of registration.

(a) The board shall establish by rule fees to be charged to an appraisal management company in an amount sufficient to sustain administration of this article. The board may also establish late filing fees and other fees deemed necessary by the board for the proper administration of this article.

(b) In addition to the application fees and late filing fees, where applicable, an applicant for registration shall post with the board a surety bond in the amount of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000). The bond shall be annually maintained on renewal. The bond shall be in a form prescribed by the board by rule and shall accrue to the state for the benefit of a claimant against the registrant to secure the faithful performance of obligations under this article. The aggregate liability of the surety may not exceed the principal sum of the bond.

(c) An appropriate deposit of cash or security may be accepted by the board in lieu of the required bond. The face amount of the bond shall annually be restored upon renewal of registration. Annual renewal of registration shall occur before the expiration date of the registration. Failure to timely renew registration shall result in loss of authority to operate an appraisal management company in this state. Request for reinstatement after expiration shall be accompanied by the annual registration fee and any late filing fee established by board rule.

(Act 2011-701, p. 2161, §3; Act 2021-489, §1.)