Section 34-27A-58

Confirmation of competency; when payments due.

(a) Before placing an assignment with an appraiser, an appraisal management company shall require that the appraiser confirm in writing or via electronic means that the appraiser receiving the assignment is a competent appraiser for the performance of the appraisal being assigned.

(b) An appraisal management company operating in this state, except in cases of a mutually agreed upon payment date, breach of contract, or performance of services that violates Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice or any published standards of best practices, shall make payment to an appraiser for the completion of an appraisal or valuation assignment within 45 days after the date the appraisal management company, or an assignee, receives a completed appraisal or valuation study.

(Act 2011-701, p. 2161, §3.)