Section 34-41-15

Register of applications.

(a) The board shall keep a register of all applications for licensing. The register shall include:

(1) The name, age, and address of each applicant.

(2) The date of the application.

(3) The place of business of the applicant.

(4) The education of the applicant and other pertinent qualifications.

(5) Whether an examination was required.

(6) Whether the applicant was licensed in another state.

(7) Whether the license was granted.

(8) The dates of the actions by the board.

(9) Any other information deemed necessary by the board.

(b) All official records of the board or affidavits by the secretary-treasurer of the board as to the content of such records shall be prima facie evidence of all matters required to be kept therein.

(c) The board shall treat as confidential and not subject to disclosure, except to the extent required by law or by rule or regulation of the board, individual test scores and applications and material relating thereto, including letters of reference relating to an application.

(Acts 1995, No. 95-399, p. 820, §15.)